The Absolute Best Digital Planner Stickers for 2024

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 It’s hard to believe that a whole month has flown by since 2024 began.

I’ve been THRILLED to hear how the Digital Planner I created for 2024 has been helping you stay organized and focused.

As we continue into the rest of the year, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments so far this year and set our sights on new goals.

And what better way to do this than by adding some personal flair and fun to your planning routine?

One way that I LOVE adding character to my planners is by using digital stickers. They’re fun, creative and SUPER cute! 

Here are 15 of my absolute favorite stickers from creative Etsy sellers. They’re cute, affordable and perfect for helping you get your life together!

Check them all out and choose one that speaks to you!

1. Cute Kawaii Bear Sticker Set

These kawaii bear stickers are adorable and perfect for adding a playful touch to your digital planner. They come in a variety of cute designs that can lighten up your day.

2. Neutral Aesthetic

Ideal for those who prefer a clean, minimalist style, this sticker set features understated designs in soothing colors. It’s perfect for creating a sleek, organized look in your planner.

3. Everyday Life Icons

This set is all about practicality, with icons for nearly every daily task. From reminders to exercise to coffee breaks, these stickers make organizing your day both fun and efficient.

4. Totally Retro & Groovy

Dive into nostalgia with these retro and groovy stickers, perfect for adding a funky twist to your planner. Their bright colors and bold designs are sure to make your pages stand out.

5. Bohemian Chic

Embrace a boho vibe with these Bohemian Chic stickers. They add an artistic and laid-back flair to your digital planner, perfect for those who love a free-spirited aesthetic.

6. Watercolor

These watercolor stickers are a beautiful way to add a splash of color to your planner. Their soft, flowing designs are soothing to look at and great for creating a serene planning environment.

7. Pastel & Bright

This set is a lovely mix of soft pastels and vibrant shades, ideal for those who like a bit of both. They’re perfect for making your planner look cheerful and inviting.

8. Office Savy

For the professional who loves to stay organized, the Office Savvy stickers are a must-have. They’re sleek, modern, and perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your work-related planning.

9. Girly Vintage

If you’re a fan of all things vintage with a girly twist, this set is for you. These stickers have charming old-school designs that can add a nostalgic elegance to your planner.

10. Transparent Stickers

These stickers are great for a subtle yet impactful addition to your planner. Their transparent design means they blend seamlessly with any page, enhancing your layout without overwhelming it.

11. Just Words

Sometimes, all you need is the right word to get your point across. This sticker set is full of expressive words and phrases, perfect for adding a textual element to your planning.

12. For Your Chores

Make chore planning less of a chore with these fun and functional stickers. They’re great for breaking down your tasks into manageable and visually appealing parts.

13. Month & Days

Keep track of the date in style with these month and day stickers. They’re practical and add a nice visual element to your daily, weekly, or monthly layouts.

14. Positive Quotes

Brighten your day with these stickers that feature uplifting quotes. They’re perfect for those moments when you need a little motivational boost in your planner.

15. Everything Purple

For lovers of the color purple, this set is a dream come true. From lavender to plum, these stickers cover the whole spectrum, adding a regal touch to your planning pages.

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