125 Short & Cute Fall Quotes (Autumn Quotes & Sayings)

Fall is a time for cozy moments, vibrant colors, a fresh start and a bit of fall quotes and sayings to bring a smile to your face.

This season invites us to slow down, enjoy the crisp air, and marvel at nature’s beautiful transformation. Here are 150 autumn quotes, each one selected to reflect the charm and warmth of fall.

From the cheerful greetings of the season to the aesthetic beauty of fallen leaves, these quotes are sure to resonate with anyone who loves autumn.


Hello Fall Quotes

1. “Hello, fall. Let the cozy evenings begin.”

2. “Hello, pumpkin spice and everything nice.”

3. “Welcoming the season of crisp air and warm drinks.”

4. “Hello, autumn leaves and sweater weather.”

5. “Embracing the golden hues of fall.”

6. “Hello, fall. Time to make memories in the leaf piles.”

7. “Autumn, you had me at hello.”

8. “Saying hello to the season of change.”

9. “Hello, fall! Let’s get cozy.”

10. “Autumn whispers, ‘Hello.'”

11. “Hello, fall. Your beauty never fails to amaze.”

12. “Greeting fall with open arms.”

13. “Hello, fall. Time to fall in love with the season.”

14. “Hello, sweater weather and hot cocoa.”

15. “Hello, fall! A season to be thankful.”

16. “Hello, autumn days and chilly nights.”

17. “Fall has arrived; let’s celebrate!”

18. “Hello, fall. Nature’s masterpiece.”

19. “Welcoming the crunch of leaves underfoot.”

20. “Hello, fall. A time for gratitude.”

21. “Autumn, you had me at the first fallen leaf.”

Happy Fall Quotes

1. “Happiness is a warm drink on a cool fall day.”

2. “Fall is proof that change is beautiful.”

3. “Happy fall y’all!”

4. “There’s a joy in every falling leaf.”

5. “Autumn: a season of happy moments.”

6. “Find your happiness in the colors of fall.”

7. “Happy fall! May your days be as colorful as autumn leaves.”

8. “Joy is in the air as fall arrives.”

9. “Let the happy times roll with autumn leaves.”

10. “Fall into happiness this autumn.”

11. “Every leaf brings happiness.”

12. “Fall is the season of happy surprises.”

13. “Happy fall vibes only.”

14. “The joy of fall is contagious.”

15. “Autumn happiness is unmatched.”

16. “Finding joy in every autumn day.”

17. “Happy moments in the heart of fall.”

18. “Autumn leaves and happiness.”

19. “Spreading fall happiness all around.”

20. “Fall is nature’s way of smiling.”

21. “Happiness is a walk in the autumn woods.”

Aesthetic Fall Quotes

1. “Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”

2. “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to change.”

3. “There’s a certain magic in autumn’s embrace.”

4. “Golden leaves and serene breezes, fall is pure poetry.”

5. “The beauty of fall is like no other.”

6. “Autumn’s palette is a masterpiece of nature.”

7. “Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.”

8. “The aesthetic of fall is nature’s art at its finest.”

9. “Fall’s beauty is a symphony for the eyes.”

10. “Autumn’s charm is in its every detail.”

11. “The golden hour of the year: autumn.”

12. “Leaves in hues of gold and red, a sight to behold.”

13. “Autumn’s elegance is timeless.”

14. “Nature’s colors come alive in fall.”

15. “The poetry of earth is never dead in autumn.”

16. “Autumn leaves paint the world with beauty.”

17. “The aesthetic of autumn is unparalleled.”

18. “Autumn’s beauty lies in its simplicity.”

19. “The fall landscape is a work of art.”

20. “Autumn’s splendor is in every leaf.”

21. “The allure of fall is its breathtaking beauty.”

Cute Fall Quotes

1. “You are the pumpkin to my spice.”

2. “Cute sweaters and cuter moments.”

3. “Fall in love with autumn’s cuteness.”

4. “Every leaf is a flower.”

5. “You make fall even cuter.”

6. “Snuggles and pumpkins, that’s what fall’s made of.”

7. “Falling for you and fall.”

8. “Cute as a button, just like autumn.”

9. “You’re my favorite fall treat.”

10. “Cuteness overload in every fall moment.”

11. “Pumpkins and cuddles, autumn’s best.”

12. “You’re the apple of my autumn eye.”

13. “Adorable moments in the fall breeze.”

14. “Fall cuddles are the best cuddles.”

15. “Autumn is made for cute moments.”

16. “Cutie pie and pumpkin spice.”

17. “Falling leaves and cute memories.”

18. “You make fall feel even warmer.”

19. “Cute as a pumpkin in autumn.”

20. “Autumn’s cuteness is unmatched.”

21. “Falling for the cuteness of fall.”

Short Fall Quotes

1. “Fall feels.”

2. “Autumn bliss.”

3. “Hello, fall.”

4. “Sweater weather.”

5. “Fall magic.”

6. “Pumpkin spice.”

7. “Autumn vibes.”

8. “Golden hues.”

9. “Crisp air.”

10. “Leafy wonder.”

11. “Fall love.”

12. “Autumn joy.”

13. “Harvest time.”

14. “Cozy nights.”

15. “Fall delight.”

16. “Warm hues.”

17. “Autumn glow.”

18. “Season of change.”

19. “Nature’s beauty.”

20. “Fall charm.”

21. “Autumn peace.”

### Fun Fall Quotes

1. “Fun is falling into autumn leaves.”

2. “Let the fall fun begin!”

3. “Autumn adventures await.”

4. “Fun times are made of pumpkin patches and hayrides.”

5. “Fall is for fun and frolic.”

6. “Autumn days are for fun and play.”

7. “Let’s have fun this fall!”

8. “Fall fun is the best fun.”

9. “From corn mazes to apple picking, fall is full of fun.”

10. “Fun and fall go hand in hand.”

11. “Autumn brings out the fun in everyone.”

12. “Fall festivities are the best.”

13. “Autumn fun never ends.”

14. “Having a blast this fall season.”

15. “Fun-filled fall days ahead.”

16. “Autumn’s fun is unmatched.”

17. “Fall fun for everyone.”

18. “Making fun memories in fall.”

19. “Fall fun is in the air.”

20. “Every day in fall is a fun day.”

21. “Autumn fun: leaf piles and laughter.”

Funny Fall Quotes

1. “Fall so hard, mother nature wanna find me.”

2. “I’m a leaf on the wind; watch how I fall.”

3. “Is it too early to put up Halloween decorations? Asking for a friend.”

4. “My favorite fall outfit is a har-vest.”

5. “I’m just here for the pumpkin spice.”

6. “Leaf me alone, it’s fall time.”

7. “It’s fall, y’all! Time to get lit…erally.”

8. “Oh my gourd, I love fall!”

9. “Fall is my second favorite F-word.”

10. “I’m acorn-y but I love fall.”

11. “Fall-ow me to the pumpkin patch.”

12. “You autumn know it’s my favorite season.”

13. “Don’t leaf me hanging.”

14. “Let’s get smashed – pumpkins only.”

15. “Hay there, fall!”

16. “Channeling my inner flannel.”

17. “I love fall from my head to-ma-toes.”

18. “Fall is unbe-leaf-able.”

19. “I’m falling for you.”

20. “Happy fallidays!”

21. “Shake your leaf thing.”

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